About Us

WCBinc was founded by President and CEO William C. Brown Jr. in August 1999 on the sole principle of providing the best possible technical services to the Intelligence Community (IC).  WCBinc has an established reputation for delivering quality, multi-tiered support to IC and Department of Defense (DoD) systems.  WCBinc is focused on allowing end users to increase their efficiency and effectiveness through minimizing system downtime caused by hardware, software, or network failures. 

WCBinc System Administrators possess a wealth of knowledge on multiplatform networks.  This wide range of knowledge enables the team to quickly troubleshoot and resolve technical issues to allow users to “get up and running.”   

Additionally, WCBinc’s complimentary services in the areas of project and program management, facilities and logistics support and system engineering combine to provide superior delivery of specialized solutions to our customers.